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Eurosia MEP project - technical room for a nursing home in France

Eurosia's MEP team has recently completed a very exciting project for a French MEP installer in France.

Eurosia recently worked on a technical room for a nursing home in France. The client, Engie Axima, asked Eurosia to model in Revit the entire technical room for the ventilation and plumbing systems.

We received as inputs:

- Equipment technical datasheet

- 2D implantation of the technical room

- the Architecture 3D model in Revit

- the plumbing and ventilation schematics

From these inputs, our team created:

- 3D Revit families for some specific MEP equipment

- a clash-free 3D model with plumbing and ventilation systems

- 2D sheets with annotations so that they can be used on site during the installation phase

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