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What’s the Plan for BIM on your BIM Project

What does it really mean, BIM? Unfortunately, BIM is not implemented very well at all on projects. For whatever reason, stakeholders fail to properly plan BIM projects they procure. BIM is a process! And, like any process, it requires a well thought out plan in order to be successful. Just think, would you go on a vacation without thinking of why you were going, where you were going, when you were going to go, what you were going to do, who was going to do what, and how you were going to do it all? Of course not. You would do your very best to plan out every detail so that your vacation goes smoothly with maximum enjoyment! Why should BIM projects be any different?

Source: "What’s the Plan for BIM on your BIM Project" by SynergisCAD (July 2016)

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