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Why Facility Managers Start Loving BIM

Last week the BIM World 2016 edition took place at La Défense in Paris. The hall was packed, the crowd was thrilled and anyone could feel the positive energy and vibe.

In an environment of economic anaemia and terrorists-engineered anxiety, BIM is a beacon of hope: the AEC industry seems to have eventually found a new exciting paradigm which will eventually create growth...

As we were pitching the new website featuring our 3D model projects and solutions, I had the opportunity to meet with professionals on Vinci Facilities stand. A great conversation followed:

In short, Vinci Facilities and Le Moniteur published an insightful white paper about BIM for Facility Management. Unfortunately, it is in French and not available on the web yet. Hence, I summarize below the key benefits of BIM for the Facilities Management (FM), according to the white paper:

Quantitative benefits:

The figure below compares the calculated time of each step for HVAC and electricity-related intervention on site (Dark blue: time spent without BIM and a3D model - Light blue: time spent with BIM and a 3D model):

In conclusion, using BIM and a 3D model reduces by up to 40% the time it takes the technician between the work order s/he receives and the moment s/he is totally ready to start repairing or maintaining the equipment.

Qualitative benefits:

BIM optimises the monitoring and surveillance work of the maintenance and technical teams. The 3D model enables a preemptive and corrective maintenance as well as a precise budgeting. The positive impact of the 3D model encompasses: technical staff increased autonomy, more optimal space and equipment management, better spare parts order management...

FM + BIM = new opportunities

Finally, using BIM for the facilities management enables new opportunities in:

  • Technical staff training

  • Fire simulation and emergency exit

  • Geolocation and guidance within the building

  • Remote building management

  • Etc.

In conclusion, the benefits of BIM and the 3D model for the Facilities Management are real and diverse.

However, two of the key challenges the Facility Manager faces consist in 1) ensuring the 3D model has been properly developed (be it from points cloud for existing assets or along the new construction project) and 2) having a BIM-enabled FM software to manage the data coming from the BIM model.

In a future article, I will address those challenges and potential solutions in more details - stay tuned!

What benefits do YOU experience or foresee in using BIM and 3D model in facilities management? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as I hope you do from me!

Front image credit: aif arquitectura

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